A Tradition with a Very Old History

Boy’s Day in Hawaiʻi is celebrated on May 5th.

Boy’s Day was originally a tradition started in 8th Century Japan called Tango no Sekku.  The tradition came to Hawaiʻi with Japanese plantation immigrants in the late 1800’s and celebrated the health, vitality, and success of the boys in one’s family.

Later, in Japan in 1948, the celebration was changed to Kodomo no Hi (Children’s Day).

Girl’s Day (Hinamatsuri) is celebrated on March 3rd.

Koinoburi Swimming Through the Air

Boy’s Day is still celebrated here in Hawaiʻi in the old tradition of flying koinobori (koi flags/streamers) outside one’s home.  One koi flag for every boy in the immediate family.

In Hilo, koi flags are flown on the Moku Ola (Coconut Island) Bridge.  The koinobori are put up about a week ahead of Boy’s Day.

So Many Beautiful Traditions

I love how we have so many Hawaiʻi melting pot celebrations from each of our contributing cultures.

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